Loans car title -Car title loan information

Car title loan information

To get Alternatives to Car Title Loans, you must be at least 18 years old, affiliated with Denmark, and you must not be registered in the RKI or Debtor Registry.

In addition, you obviously need to keep an eye on a car you would like to finance.

Pough also performs a credit rating for you, where additional questions can be asked for you, your car and your personal finances.

Overview – Pough Car loan

Loan amount : 30,000-1,000,000 kr.

Maturity: 12-120 months – max maturity depends on the age of the car.

Repayment: The loan is repaid monthly, with the due date of each month.

Debt rate: 1.76% – 9.38% (variable interest rate), determined by the car’s year, price, etc.

Founding costs: 2.5% of the loan size, but at least DKK 3,500 and a maximum of DKK 7,500.

APR: 3.19% – + 30% – depends on loan amount, maturity, car year, price, etc.

Response time: You will receive an answer to the application the same day you apply if it is within the opening hours.

Payout time: The loan is paid out within 1-2 business days when all documents have been received.

Repayment of the loan: You can redeem the loan ahead of time without it costing extra.

Extra payments: You can make extra payments for your loan free of charge.

Insurance: You have the opportunity to take out car insurance through the Pough Car loan

Representative example: At a total credit amount of DKK 200,000 with a nominal interest rate of 2.25% pa corresponding to a variable debt rate of 2.27% pa (interest rate) and a maturity of 8 years, the monthly benefits of SEK 2,404 The APR is 3.68%. The total amount to be repaid amounts to DKK 230,687, of which the establishment costs amount to DKK 5,226, public taxes DKK 5,510, and interest is DKK 19,751.

Short about Pough car loan

Pough Billån is part of Ida A / S and deals exclusively with loans for cars. As part of Denmark’s third-largest bank, they have plenty of experience with lending, and they also offer a very low-interest rate on their car loans.

Pros and cons

  • Low-interest rates
  • You can take car loans with or without payment
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Quick payout
  • Free repayment or partial redemption


How much do I have to pay for myself?

If the age of the car is over 8 years, you must pay at least 20% of the car’s value. If the car is younger than 8 years, the payout is not a requirement and you do not have to pay anything at all.

It may still be an advantage to pay out, as it makes your loan much cheaper. The larger a payout you make, the lower an interest rate you can get.

Should I put security in the car?

You choose it yourself. If you place collateral in the car when you take your loan, hull insurance MUST be taken out on the car.

Are there other fees?

Yes, you still have to pay a registration fee of DKK 1,660 and a mortgagee declaration of DKK 950. In addition, the formation fee of 2.5% (at least DKK 3,500, a maximum of DKK 7,500).

How quickly is the money paid out?

If you have submitted all necessary documents and meet all requirements by noon 14 on a weekday, the money will be paid the same day you apply.

If not, wait until next weekday. The office carries out paperwork, looks through loan documents and pays up until 11:00. 18 Monday-Thursday and until 6 pm 16 on Friday.

Can I borrow with RKI?

No, you can’t take a car loan with Pough if you are registered with RKI.

How do I apply?

You click on the Pough website at the top of this page. Then you choose the value of the car you want to borrow money for and how much you want to pay yourself.

Now click on the application itself, where you fill out your personal information. It’s very straightforward, just follow the steps.

Pough – Review based on 5 criteria

Here comes our review of Pough Billån based on the following five criteria.

loan Offers

Pough Billån offers an interest rate of 2.76% on the cheapest car loan on the market. If one compares with other providers, no one beats the price at Pough.

You have good opportunities to get a low-interest rate if your finances are in order.

You also have the opportunity to make additional payments or fully redeem the loan before time, without it costing extra.

The size of the loan is also higher than that of most other lenders. You can borrow up to DKK 1,000,000 through Pough, and the minimum amount is DKK 30,000.

The maturity is 1-10 years and a good long-term solution for car financing.

The only garden that can make the car loan more expensive is 2.5% in foundation commission (at least DKK 3,500, maximum DKK 7,500).

This means that if you want to borrow an amount of less than DKK 140,000, you still have to pay DKK 3,500 in foundation commission.

Generally, most lenders have a foundation commission of 5-8%, but if you only want to borrow DKK 30,000, DKK 3,500 is a lot of money to start with.


You have great flexibility at Pough. As mentioned, you can redeem for free in advance, and you can also adjust how much of the car’s price you want to finance yourself.

The maturity is a maximum of 10 years and you can choose whether you want fixed or variable interest rates.

The most normal is to run at a variable rate, as it is usually cheaper in the long run. However, the fixed interest rate can make it easier to plan your finances.

In addition, it is not obligatory to send an application. You will only be liable for the loan when you sign the loan agreement.

Target group and requirements

To borrow from Pough, you must, of course, be at least 18 years old. The target group is motorists who cannot finance the entire car’s value themselves.

They make it possible to finance the car so cheaply that it is almost better to take a loan than to save yourself, because the money can be better spent, for example on investment.

You will probably not be approved if you do not have a permanent job or a regular income, as this is a major loan.

User friendliness and website

Pough’s website has a nice design and is easy to find around. You quickly find the function you are looking for, namely the car loan calculator, which is the first thing you see when you land on the website.

If you have any questions, you will find a FAQ section on the main menu. It is generally easy to find relevant information and it is easy to get through the loan application.

There is access to articles on the private car dealership, car insurance, etc. In addition, the page is also mobile friendly, as is expected in then.

Customer service

Customer service at Pough works well. It is open every day of the week, so even if you need help over the weekend, you can get it.

Is Pough Car Loan a Trustworthy Company?

Pough Billån has existed since 1989 but has since become a part of Ida. They have many years of experience in issuing car loans to Danish citizens.

Pough Billån is also under the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, and the report can be found publicly on the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s website.

All in all, a good and trustworthy Danish car loan issuer.