Thoughts on Work and Money

To understand that getting two or three months of savings might be more important than a regular lunch at Mekki seems very utopian. After that, I do not have many illusions as to how many will not understand what I am going to write about work and money in this article, but I still considered it important to describe them.

The value of your work has nothing to do with your needs

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Many people lament how little they earn and how much they want or can make a living from. They scold the employer for how little they pay, or twice as much for a comfortable living.

I have a bad news: it has nothing to do with the value of your job, how much you want to get for it or what your monthly needs are. If you do a job that anyone can do because there is little added value and knowledge, and there is a great deal of market supply and demand for that job, then you can’t sell your labor expensive, or even be happy to pay that much.

(If you think the employer pays little, why don’t you look for another one? If the other person doesn’t pay more for your workforce, then obviously the market is worth exactly what you get for it now.)

Give the employer what you only get from the market in this quality and ask for what you are not ashamed of. Make a profit of $ 10 million a month so that no one can do it, and feel free to ask for $ 2 million a month.

If you want to earn more, you simply need to increase the value of your workforce in the market. It is not up to the government or the whole world to save you, just start thinking about how you can make more in the market. Ask yourself the question between two stalemates, what have you done in the last three years to get more out of the labor market?

There is a difference between sweat and sweat

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Similar to the above, when someone screams how hard he works and how much he earns with little work. Once again, it has nothing to do with the number of drops you sweat on how much value you create for your employer. Hard work is nice, but it has no value in itself. The point is, what value do you create through hard work.

If you are a great footballer with millions of players interested in playing and making billions in profits for your employer, then you’re not much at all for $ 17 million a year, and even if you sweat as much on the pitch as another on the pitch, to his.

It’s that simple. Appreciate your employer. On the bus, I listened to a man who loudly told the person sitting next to him that he did not usually thank his boss for his pay, as he did because he had worked for him. How stupid they are to thank them for what they do. I would be surprised if such a man could ever bring me anything in this life.

There is a narrow layer of people struggling to get something and when they have more work than they can handle, they give work to others. By risking your money and bothering people, you give someone else a job. We call this narrow layer entrepreneurs. Then there is the crowd who expect them to support them to give them a living and a comfortable life. You can only imagine your life as someone who supports him for a living and is therefore willing to work in exchange.

No matter how strange you can make a living, it is because of the handful of entrepreneurs who are willing to give you a job. If they weren’t, you would be sitting at home watching the wall, just like everyone in Africa does.

Therefore, be grateful that there is someone who gives you a job and appreciate such. If you don’t like your style or find your salary low, look at another employer, but as long as you eat his bread, appreciate what you get from him.

He’s not because you don’t

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People think of money as air. He didn’t get it because someone else sucked it out. Therefore, it is very easy to fool people and give them an enemy image instead of solving their problems: “You are poor because the Jews / big capitalists / imperialists / cartoons / trash entrepreneurs are taking the money out of you and are not getting it.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that money works the other way around: the more you have, the more you get . For example, the money is spent on taxis, the taxi driver will have money for the hairdresser, the hairdresser will challenge the room painter, the room painter will buy from what you make at your boss, so he will have more money to pay you.

Or a cash investment from your wealth, which requires a new workman’s hand to take from your existing supply. If more employers need workers with a given supply, then logically the price of the worker in the market will rise. So if you have a mind, do not hate the rich, but pray for more to be around you, because then your standard of living will also increase.

Carve it somewhere:

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You are not because you have someone else. The more you have, the more you will have. So don’t be jealous of him, but jerk off to get more for him. Most poor people expect someone to help him. Unfortunately, this is much stronger than the average in Hungary, and most people still have not been able to recover from the lies of the long-dead socialist system. In their view, the basic principle is that whoever has one has the duty to give one who does not. What’s the point of having two cars and three houses when he has none, and even barely any food ?! (Look at the begging alcoholic at the red light: he is saintly convinced that he must be helped by society. I just don’t see why.) The worse form is stealing one another, saying he has it, I don’t have it, ergo it does me no harm, and then he’ll have another.

I have a bad news: no one is obliged to help you except for one person . And this is yourself. Don’t expect someone or the state to help you from month to month, but notice that you alone can do the condition you’re in. You may have been born into a baggy village in Borsod, a poor family, but that must not be an excuse not to do your best to become someone. Life is just as much as you bring out of it. Neither I nor your neighbor can do it if you haven’t taken anything in life and no one else has to compensate you if you didn’t do what you should have done. If you were just eight general or skilled trainers because you didn’t want to study, don’t point out the junk that the engineer is earning. Rather start learning, even at the age of forty, there are always more years of work ahead of you than you have learned. Bill Gates said you are not wrong if you were born poor, but you alone are wrong if you die poor.

African intellectuals are asking Western governments to stop aid because life in their country has been frozen for generations. Everyone has been waiting for 30-40 years for new aid to come, no one is willing to do anything to make the country livelier. If there was no aid, they would have to find solutions and the country could finally flourish, the result would be decades of vegetation. (The same can be observed in this country, aid only reinforces people’s passivity and sets themselves up for a fruitless, empty life.)

For the same reason, many aid organizations refuse to provide aid that merely preserves current conditions, but is only willing to finance education or the like, or even provides seed and technology for production. In a word, like a hundred, don’t expect someone to support and support you, but look for an opportunity to get yourself ahead and find out where you can help others.