Bhakti Sangeet Festival features Sufis and Bhajans

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New Delhi – The Bhakti Sangeet Festival organized by the Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Delhi Government’s Department of Arts, Culture and Languages ​​has created an aura of melodious devotional music. The three-day festival, which celebrates diversity of faith and expressions in devotional music, kicked off on April 22 and will end on April 24, 2022.

The Delhi government wowed the public with spiritual interpretations on the second day of the Bhakti Sangeet festival, organized by Sahitya Kala Parishad and the Department of Arts, Culture and Languages. The Bhakti Sangeet festival had a lot to offer fans of devotional music in the capital. The second evening began with moving performances by Dr. Subhadra Desai, a professional Hindustani classical singer. Dr. Subhadra Desai began his performance with a traditional Vak Sukta chant by Rishika Vagambhrini of the Rigveda, which was followed by ‘Laal laadile’ by Tulasi Das, which was composed by Madhup Mudgal in Raga Bhimpalasi. She then performed a self-composed Ashtapadi Raga Puriya Dhanashri of Jaideva in Sanskrit.

She also presented traditional compositions in other languages ​​like Vachana of Akka Mahadevi in ​​Kannada and Vaakh of Lalleshwari/Lalded in Kashmir. Dr. Subhadra finished his performance with Madhurashtakam by Vallabhacharya, self-composition to Ragas Madhuvanti, Des, Kalyan and Bhairavi. The evening continued with another spiritual performance by Kalapini Komkali, daughter and disciple of the legendary Pandit Kumar Gandharva. She started her performance with Mangalacharan Arti followed by a Meera Bhajan – PhagunKe Din Chaar Hori Khele Mana’. Kalapini Ji’s third and fourth presentations were Shukdev’s Nirgun Bhajan – ‘Jo Jan Anhad Dhyaan Dhare’ and ‘Guruji Mein Toh Ek Niranjan’.

Her performance ended with a Chandrasakhi Bhajan. The evening concluded with the melodious and energetic voice of Daler Mehndi, who captivated the audience with a lesser-known aspect of his music: devotional songs. Daler Mehndi autocompositions sung during the festival include ‘Shiv Shankara’, ‘Jinke Hriday Shri Ram’, ‘Rajan Ke Raja’ and ‘Radha Raman Hari Bol’.

The event began with the lighting of a lamp by senior government officials of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, including Manisha Saxena, Principal Secretary H&FW, Government of Delhi, Dr. Monica Priyadarshini, Secretary of IAS , Sahitya Kala Parishad, Swati Sharma, Department Secretary, and others. On the first day of the festival, incredible artists performed in front of a full house. Suranjan Khandalkar, an up-and-coming classical singer from Patiyala Gharana from Pune, began the devotional recital. Shriram Shloks such as ‘Hari bhajan ko man re,’ ‘Bhaj man ram Nam sukhdayi,’ ‘Bolo Ram bolo Shyam / Bolawa Vitthal,’ ‘He Shivshankar,’ ‘Khelane na jau maiyyan,’ ‘Madhur Dhuni Baje,’ and ‘Baje Muraliya baje’. (IANS)