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New Delhi – A project, which revolves around life-size seated figurative sculptures for open spaces, with opportunities for viewers to interact with and absorb them, has been conceptualized by Shibani and Uday Chawla.

During their travels around the world, they were inspired by the outdoor public sculptures they saw in European cities and parks.

The fact that such works are deeply rooted in the living culture of India was the main driving force behind the exhibition ‘Cast Magic: Sculpture on a Bench’.

Neeraj Gupta, Transformation, advanced composite material

The project involved inviting a small group of artists to each create a new life-size figurative sculpture. Unlike most modernist statutes, which are placed on high pedestals beyond the reach of the general public, this project seeks to engage the public in an active and intimate connection with the molded sculpted forms/installations.

The sculptures in this project seek the interaction of the public by sitting on specially designed and freshly created benches in open spaces. The works provide a space and an opportunity for the viewer(s) to see, touch, feel, appreciate, sit beside or behind the sculpture and pose, take a selfie, converse and interact with it.

Pintu Sikder, Beyond All Expectations

The focus was on creating magic with unique molded solid sculptures sitting on benches. The artists chose to use a single figure, couples or groups seated on benches of various shapes. The main sculpture(s) are made of solid bronze or other alloys, while the benches are made of a variety of materials ranging from bronze and carved wood to steel or other mixed and industrial materials. And the result is this exciting collection of thirteen different sculptors’ interpretations of a single concept. The sculptures, created in a variety of media, modes and manifestations, reflect each artist’s distinct aesthetic and expertise. (IANS)