New York- According to an international study involving researchers from the United States, Japan and Switzerland, monoclonal antibody therapy, once considered 100% effective in stopping Covid-19 in its tracks, has been defeated by the new super mutant variant Omicron from the coronavirus. Monoclonal antibodies are proteins designed to bind toRead More →

New Delhi – An exhilarating weekend festival of music, arts and culture, Mahindra Open Drive (MOD), is India’s premier live, nomadic, drive-out festival. This music, adventure and culture-driven glamping weekend aims to bring various corners of India together as they travel to new destinations, bringing new selections of music andRead More →

New Delhi– For people seeking body perfection and precision, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary adjustable, non-surgical and non-invasive contouring technology. Kaya, one of India’s leading skin care brands with the country’s largest physician network, has launched CoolSculpting (registered), signaling a strategic realignment with its growing urban consumer base. Inaugurating a wholeRead More →

By Wazir New Delhi- India’s unique and diverse dynamics make it one of the main treasures of tasty goodness. However, even though India’s population represents 18% of the world’s population, its meat consumption rate is one of the lowest in the world. But sometimes India is a nation where luxuriousRead More →