Enter the world of Valaya

Tanya Banon

New Delhi – Hot on the heels of releasing his luxury gateway line at the recent FDCI x LFW Fashion Week, veteran designer JJ Valaya has launched his brand new flagship experience, The World of Valaya , at the JW Marriott Hotel in Aerocity, New Delhi.

The designer’s love for cohesive spaces dates back to his first freestanding fashion and lifestyle store in 1996, which was spread across a stately one-acre farm in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Redefining the benchmark for luxury fashion and lifestyle in India today, Valaya has launched its 12,000 square foot two-storey concept store showcasing the designer’s three main passions under one roof: fashion, home and photography.

Speaking of The World of Valaya, the designer revealed, “This is my dream space which has been delayed for two years due to the pandemic. I had a fabulous show in 2019 and then unfortunately everything was put on hold in 2020 and 2021 so it’s very special and I wanted the launch to be spectacular. I’m so happy with how it turned out and grateful for the appreciation everyone has shown.

As you enter the world of Valaya, the ground floor houses JJV, the newest eco-responsible Bridge to Luxury collection made from Tencel Luxe, as well as Valaya’s books on photography; fashion accessories such as pocket squares, cufflinks, scarves, belts and a selection of Valaya Home furniture. “I believe we have always been a great example of sustainability…sewing, by its very nature, is sustainable. Our clothes always come back to be resized, which is a testament to the quality, purpose and responsibility we have shown with our brand. Sustainability has always been at the heart of JJ Valaya and this travel-based second-hand clothing line with Tencel Luxe is eco-friendly. Decades later, our couture and formal pieces are timeless, if that doesn’t reflect sustainability, I don’t know what does,” adds the designer.

The world of Valaya

Descending the Art Deco-inspired staircase to the vast lower level, you find yourself standing under a large chandelier in the resplendent Jamawar Gallery with walls crafted using original antique jamawar shawls and inlaid flooring. Art Deco. This leads to the central artery of the space – the grand black and white passageway with a characteristic herringbone ceiling lit by a series of pendant lights.

To the left of the central passage is the fashion section housing the women’s and men’s clothing collections, a couture museum displaying one-off edition masterpieces, a showcase of precious jewelery and the private lounge for bespoke consultations , The Museum Lounge. Here, one will find the legendary Valaya embroideries in the best of women’s and men’s tailoring in addition to a showcase of the Fabled Alika jacket, the Chevron The Shifting Leaves line as well as a line of Jhalamand House shirts. Also presented here is a line of shoes for men, cufflinks, clutches and buttons and scarves, belts and headbands for women. This space also presents the JJ Valaya line of precious jewels (designed in association with Jagdish Jewelers Chandigarh, creators of the Maharaja’s jewels since 1866).

“Sewing will always be important to me as I love being part of people’s celebrations – fashion is always evolving and The World of Valaya is a tribute to my ancestors. I am so happy for the appreciation shown. I am also very proud of our precious jewelry line and Valaya Home. This multidisciplinary space remains rooted in the quintessence of Valaya sensibilities,” says JJ.

The world of Valaya

To the right of the aisle, a black arched entrance with Valaya wall tapestries brings you to the central altar hall of the Home section where you can wander through five perfectly interconnected areas – the living room, the bar with its dedicated lounge, the dining room and bedroom – for a complete Valaya Home experience. Each product in the store has been designed, developed or curated by the master couturier, reflecting the synergy of modern, maximal and multicultural elements while the space has been designed by Valaya Home.

Marked by a cohesive design language, Valaya Home is where the brand’s core philosophy comes to life, that of the royal nomad with a penchant for Art Deco. Here, expect to find the brand new range of quality Valaya furniture, lush rugs, lighting solutions and artwork. Plus, rare vintage finds handpicked by the designer himself, sourced from the Far East, Turkey, Orient, and Indian interiors, as well as the complete oeuvre of the designer art photography can be found in this section.

“The whole concept of having a Valaya home experience as part of the world of Valaya is to showcase the look and feel of what our sensibilities can create in the spaces. We are here to introduce the world to a Valaya lifestyle with our own unique language of sophisticated grandeur. We strongly believe that anyone who comes to shop with us for clothes would have a natural affinity with Valaya Home and vice versa,” says JJ Valaya.

The world of Valaya

In a world where fast fashion and consumerism rule, the store is a testament to its heritage, craftsmanship and reputation. Says the designer, “I couldn’t have imagined a better time for Indian fashion as a business, two of them to be specific are out shopping and have picked up a lot of Indian brands, that’s changing the game on so many levels. I’m so glad this is happening, it’s good for Indian fashion, it’s good for the industry and it’s good for the country. It will also make a big difference for the people. Indian brands internationally Passion leads to building a reputation and a name, but when corporatization kicks in, that’s when it really evolves and becomes a brand.

Valaya reveals he has many more surprises in the coming weeks as this is also the year he celebrates three decades in the industry. “In 2022 we are preparing to celebrate 30 years of fashion, I am very confident that the world of Valaya too will herald and celebrate a new chapter of luxury in India.” (IANS)