Five Cumbrians nominated for Lions of the Community of England

Logan Holgate. Hensingham ARFLC (Ben Challis)

Cumbria have five players in the England Community Lions Under-19 training squad for the European Championships.

Head coach Allan Coleman announced a squad of 32 following a tryout at Pilkington Recs.

During the trial, the guest players were divided into three teams which then played against each other.

The Cumbrians are Rio Wilson-McQuistan, Jack Newbigin (both Millom), Blaine Graham (Kells), Logan Holgate (Hensingham) and Mitchell Todd (Lowca).

Speaking on how the selection works, Coleman said: “The day I split the staff between the three teams, then I took their feedback and named players, and that’s how we did it. reduced.”

This team is made up of players from 24 Community Rugby League clubs, including representatives from Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire, as well as former famous names like Millom, Siddal and Leigh Miners Rangers.

“I was really excited about the amount of quality that was there at Pilks. We could have picked a lot more if I’m being honest. Sadly, although we can’t and it will be even harder now, to bring it down to 21” , Coleman said.

“I just think the squad we have now gives us a real balance of quality. There are three or four for each position. It’s going to bring challenges but also what I think is the best quality for England. .

Although the squad includes several names who have already impressed England in younger age groups, several players also have the chance to put their best foot forward, including two players from Cottingham Tigers and one from Lowca and Westgate Common.

“There are children who are gradually moving through the age groups of international representation, but you also have some who are not potentially seen, and I think the way we run the Lions program now, especially through Alan Davidson , means that we reach as many clubs as possible and no matter what division they are in, it is important that they have as many opportunities as anyone else.

“That’s where you’ll see these hidden gems and it gives everyone a level playing field.

“It’s really important that these clubs get exposure as well and then hopefully that will grow their club. It’s also really important for all of us in the Lions program.

The 32-man squad will meet on March 6 at the Twist Lane home of Leigh Miners Rangers for further training ahead of the selection of the 21-man squad for the European Championships.