Government plans portal for private rental properties in England

Image source: istock. com/Anyaberkut

The government plans to create a property portal for the private rental sector in England.

It was announced in the Queen’s Speech to Parliament as part of the Private Tenants Reform Bill.

According to lobby pack for the talk, the portal could help landlords understand their obligations, give tenants performance information to hold landlords accountable and support local authorities.

The announcement raises the possibility of the portal being used with a national register of privately let properties in England.

Speaking at GeoPlace’s annual conference on the day of the Queen’s Speech, David Holmes, senior policy adviser for the private rental sector at the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), said equivalent portals are already in place for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

He said a discovery project on a national register by DLUHC showed: ‘It could provide more data to give local authorities accurate information on private rental properties and support targeted enforcement of standards based on better understanding of inventory.

“This could improve private owners’ awareness of their obligations and be a channel to communicate changes. It could also provide tenants with more information about the standards of the properties they visit and the obligations a landlord might owe them.

white paper outline

He added that the department plans to release more detailed proposals for the plan as part of a white paper.

Other elements of the Tenant Reform Bill include abolishing “no-fault” evictions to provide more security for tenants, land tenure reforms for landlords, enforcing legally binding standards for decent housing and the introduction of a new mediator to resolve disputes between landlords. and tenants.