Labor should promise England ‘national democracy’ to solve problems outside London

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John Denham, photo by Department for Communities (OGL v1.0).

Labor should promise England its own ‘national democracy’ to solve the party’s problems outside London, a former minister has said.

Professor John Denham, former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government in the last Labor government, is now director of the Center for English Identity and Politics at the University of Southampton.

He told the Daily mail that the root of Labor’s problems was that they did well in predominantly urban areas where people identified primarily with Britishness, but not where they identified with Anglicism.

“The more voters identify as ‘English’, the more likely they are to think devolution has been unfair to England,” he said.

“Indeed, they want the political parties to defend the interests of England. They want English national democracy and English MPs to make the laws of England.

“As last week’s results show, Labor polls are doing well in metropolitan areas, big cities, where more ‘British’ identifiers tend to live.

“But to win power, Sir Keir must also win the ‘English’ vote. Sadly, many of those voters are unconvinced that Labor shares – or even is fully aware of – the intricacies of this distinct mindset.

‘Working class’

He added that over the past 20 years support for major parties had become “heavily skewed by national identity”.

“Sir Keir’s problem is that the Labor Party will continue to win votes in areas where the party is already strong, but will not win enough in areas of England outside major cities and university towns,” he said. he declared.

“The truth is that the Tories have a comfortable parliamentary majority of nearly 150 in England and to form a government Labor must win in areas dominated by voters attached to an English identity.

“Hartlepool, which chose a Tory MP for the first time last year and saw more Tory councilors elected on Thursday, is one of the most ‘English’ places in England.

“Sir Keir has always been unlikely to win over hard-line English Tories, but he must win back those working-class English voters who walked away from Labor after handing Tony Blair his landslide victory in 1997.”

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