Makeup tricks to make your eyes bigger

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New Delhi- It is said that the eyes are the most attractive part of the face. Each eye shape is beautiful in its own way, whether almond, round, upturned or downturned. Big eyes have their own advantages while small ones have theirs. Many people with small eyes try to make them look bigger and vice versa. So, we have a list of makeup hacks using which anyone can make their eyes look bigger.

Aditya Arya, co-founder of Yes Madam shares a list of makeup tricks to make small eyes look bigger:

Curling the eyelashes: The first thing to do to enlarge small eyes is to curl the eyelashes, because mascara makes the eyelashes look fuller and bigger. More volume can be added to the lashes by curling the lashes and adding a coat of mascara.

Eyebrow work: Eyebrows are the second most important part of the face after the eyes and their length can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the face. Always keep your eyebrows in good shape and for that keep visiting the salon. To make your eyes bigger, maximize your eyebrow space, which can create the illusion of larger eyes. Also, wider eyebrows give a bolder look.

Highlight your eyes: Highlighting any part of the face makes it look bigger, brighter and more beautiful. For larger eyes, highlight them. Lightly brush your brow bone, inner corners of eyes and center of lids. All these highlights will make the eyes look dazzling and bigger.

Hide Dark Circles: Dark circles make eyes look smaller and dull. Hiding dark spots or under the eyes makes a huge difference. Covering dark circles also lifts the face and brings instant sparkle and space to the eyes, making them appear larger.

Never apply liner to lower lashes: When it comes to eyelashes, upper and lower lashes play different roles and their makeup is also done differently. Covering the lower lash line is not a good idea as it makes the eyes appear smaller. The best option for the lower lashes is to leave them without makeup and not apply anything on them. All you can do is add glitter or highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, which can add volume to the eyes. (IANS)