More than 4,000 Russian scientists and journalists condemn the invasion of Ukraine

Moscow- More than 4,000 scientists and journalists have signed an open letter denouncing Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

The letter, published on the website, describes the Russian invasion as “unjust” and “senseless”, and has so far garnered 4,100 signatures.

“We, Russian scientists and science journalists, declare a strong protest against the hostilities launched by the armed forces of our country on the territory of Ukraine. This fatal step results in huge human casualties and undermines the foundations of the established system of international security,” they said.

While blaming Russia solely for “starting a new war in Europe”, they declared, “there is no rational justification for this war”.

They wrote that Ukraine as a country remains “close” and “does not pose a security threat” to Russia.

In addition, they lamented that the war is dealing a fatal blow to scientific cooperation between the two countries as well as on the continent. They feared international isolation that could lead to “scientific, cultural and technological degradation”.

“After starting the war, Russia has committed itself to international isolation, to the position of a pariah country. This means that we scientists will no longer be able to do our work normally: after all, conducting scientific research is unthinkable without full cooperation with colleagues from other countries.

“War with Ukraine is a step towards nowhere,” they warned.

The authors demanded the immediate revocation of the war.

“We demand the immediate cessation of all military operations directed against Ukraine. We demand respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. We demand peace for our countries.

Meanwhile, the military invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 has affected Ukraine’s academic activity, among other things, because “students and professors had to leave their places urgently”.

In a statement, the Kyiv-Mohyla University National Academy called on the global academic community to support its colleagues in Ukraine.

“We call [on] universities, academic institutions in Europe and around the world to stand up with Ukraine against [P]Utin regime, against the ruin of the foundations of peace, security and democracy in Europe and in the world. (IANS)