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New Delhi – Western fashion has inextricably influenced global fashion trends, and the sneakerhead subculture has already penetrated the Indian market. This daily staple has received plenty of praise and patronage for pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Vedant Lamba, 22, started a YouTube channel named “Mainstreet TV” in 2017, which has become the biggest sneaker resale store in India thanks to its art gallery aesthetic and the growing culture of basketball. sneaker craze in the country.

With his entrepreneurial quest and futuristic design inspiration, Vedant Lamba, Founder of The Mainstreet Marketplace comes to IANSlife.

Vedant LambaVedant Lamba

Where does the name “The Mainstreet Marketplace” come from?

Vedant: As a founding team, we were horrible with names. One of our team member’s friends texted him saying “Call him Mainstreet”, and the rest is history. From there, MainstreetTv, Marketplace, etc. were just natural developments.

Tell us about your journey from Mainstreet TV to The Mainstreet Marketplace?

Vedant: In 2017, we launched our YouTube channel, Mainstreet TV. It became ‘The Mainstreet Marketplace’ four years later, and it was a natural extension of Mainstreet TV. The business never got off the ground because of our passion for YouTube and making sneaker movies. We started because we didn’t think there was a sneaker culture in India, so content came first, followed by commerce.

We went from one thing to another in a very organic way. Nothing was forced. I’m just so grateful to be able to follow my instincts and be where we are today, which is happy, hungry, and on the hunt.

How do you think the sneaker resale culture is developing in India? Any specific comments?

Vedant: It’s incredibly similar to how gold and property work with Indians. Sneakers hold and grow in value, and provide status. The growth of this space has been exponential in recent years. Our country is full of scammers and this space gives them all an opportunity to make money from this hustle. It’s beautiful.

What do you think are the differences between international and Indian sneaker culture?

Vedant: Just the stage of development. Indian sneaker culture is still at a very nascent stage. We have yet to see our community develop stronger experiences, tastes and experimentation with their style. It’s so beautiful to see this process unfold.

Tell us about your personal style?

Vedant: Most people would say I have no style. But I’m big on minimal aesthetics with deep functionality. I wear the same pants and shoes every day. My pants have pockets hollowed out especially for my phones, spare change, membership cards, necessary and unnecessary accessories, etc. My life is really simple

Tell us about your clientele?

Vedant: That’s the best part of everything we do. Our clientele is the best. We have the most wonderful customer community. We spend so much of our time interacting with them and we’ve been blessed to have such great relationships with so many amazing people. We know we can count on them when we need them and they know they can count on us when and if they need us. Trust goes both ways. Most people ask us about all of our Bollywood clients and other celebrities – and that’s all hugely exciting, but the people we talk to every day – that’s what gives us real fulfillment.

What would you be doing today if you weren’t an entrepreneur? Anything else you had planned?

Vedant: I always knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of ​​starting a business for way too long now. But who knows, I’m sure I’d like to be an engineer in a factory, a marketing manager, a sales representative. I find joy in all kinds of little things. Process, marketing, branding, sales. So funny! (IANS)