Styling Very Peri for Men


New Delhi – For a very long time, colors have played a subjective role in people’s lives. They were used to predict certain events of the time, as well as to symbolize significant moments. However, the importance they have in the world of fashion and art is incomparable. Above all, when it comes to the fashion industry, we cannot even imagine one without all the vibrant colors in the universe.

So each year, the Pantone Color Institute comes up with a color to capture and represent the essence of a specific year. And this time, Pantone announced “Very Peri” as its 2022 color of the year. A vibrant periwinkle blue hue with an invigorating purple and red undertone, the shade is described as one of the “happiest and warmest of them all.” blue tints. It also perfectly represents everything from the transformative times we live in to the rise of the metaverse and encourages courageous creativity as well as imaginative expression.

All of these elements together make Very Peri an intriguing shade that has managed to tickle the curiosity of all fashionistas to the max. If you are someone who is most averse to colors, but still wants to be part of the trend, pair your Very Peri garment with black or white items. Or you can also add a bit of pastel yellow to your outfit to make it casual and more fun.

To help you further on your journey of flaunting your fashion personality in shades of purple and blue, Sakshi Shrivastava, Senior Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH shares 5 ways to wear the color of the year:

Relax in style

It’s winter in most parts of the world, and the weather is perfect for snuggling up in your most comfortable loungewear. From easy layers and everyday sweatshirts to joggers and even sets, you can choose your Very Peri from the wide range of comfortable loungewear – the hottest item of the season, and feel stylish while you relax with your friends or just by yourself.

Keep it chic and casual

As I mentioned before, adding some yellow to your Very Peri outfit could be a fun way to give it a laid back touch. You can wear a periwinkle cardigan or an overshirt over a lemon yellow t-shirt, and denim pants. Complete the set with a gray beanie and a pair of white sneakers, and here is the perfect casual-chic look.

The effortless trendsetter

If you’re someone who likes to play it safe with color and doesn’t want to experiment all with bold looks, you can always pair this refreshing shade of purple with black. Wear a Very Peri polo t-shirt with your favorite black or blue jeans for a simple yet fresh look. Add an extra splash of color with your sneakers and complete the look with a chic pair of sunglasses.

Supremacy of vibrating bottoms

If you’re already tired of wearing periwinkle tops, how about giving the bottoms a chance to shine in Very Peri. From pants to socks and even underwear, wear your new favorite shade in whatever you love and turn heads like a total chef.

The tonal look

Given the popularity of purple over the years, you might also have a few existing purple pieces in your wardrobe. Round them all up and use the coolest color of the year for a tonal look, or you can even take on a mix and match style challenge by sporting prints on prints over the coming spring days. Do not forget to complete it with a pair of shoes and accessories in soft colors to balance the whole. (IANS)