N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE New Delhi – Western fashion has inextricably influenced global fashion trends, and the sneakerhead subculture has already penetrated the Indian market. This daily staple has received plenty of praise and patronage for pushing the boundaries of fashion. Vedant Lamba, 22, started a YouTube channel named “Mainstreet TV”Read More →

N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE New Delhi – Hand embroidery is a beautiful craft, done intricately over many hours and days. In a culture rich in craftsmanship like India, these pieces become heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. So how do you take care of the clothes you love to wear?Read More →

N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE New Delhi – While “skin barrier” is slapped on products and tossed around a lot on social media, unless formulated correctly, ceramides don’t help much with barrier repair. It can actually delay barrier repair if formulated incorrectly. The founder of d’you, Shamika Haldipur shares her ideas onRead More →

N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE New Delhi – For a very long time, colors have played a subjective role in people’s lives. They were used to predict certain events of the time, as well as to symbolize significant moments. However, the importance they have in the world of fashion and art isRead More →

N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE New Delhi – Do you like coffee? While cafes are a favorite meeting place, Covid guidelines have restricted this winter indulgence. Considering your caffeine needs, the Lavazza Training Center shares spicy, hot, and easy DIY coffee recipes for winter. Pumpkin Spice Vegan Cappuccino A vegan and healthierRead More →

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe New Delhi– Breaking stereotypes Indian social networking and matchmaking app ‘As You Are’, for the LGBTQ+ community, has become a community and matchmaking app for gay Indians of diverse gender identities and sexual orientation. Founded by Sunali Aggarwal, a Chandigarh-based entrepreneur, the app has received overRead More →

By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe New Delhi – The personality of the residents is a house’s greatest asset. The experiences of the environment in which one lives shape their opinions, which are manifested in their design choices. Owners organize their surroundings by collecting souvenirs from their travels and adventures. Each keepsakeRead More →