By Dr Sridhar G. New Delhi – Technology has arguably never had such an impact on government, industry and society as in the past 20 years. Technological advances such as the internet and resulting networking and social media have already changed our daily lives, and AI and automation promise toRead More →

New Delhi – The gemstone and jewelry industry is currently experiencing a resurgence in demand, after suffering enormous damage during the 2020 pandemic. There are a variety of reasons why colored gemstones are always in demand. There are many explanations for this, which vary from person to person and evenRead More →

Suneet Varma New Delhi – Blenders Pride Fashion Tour “The Showcase in association with FDCI was launched on August 6 with the aim of seeking out the next generation of fashion designers, photographers, models and content creators to catapult their professional journeys. The candidates were mentored by industry pioneers suchRead More →