Uma Bharti vandalizes liquor store in Bhopal

Bhopal–Top BJP leader and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Uma Bharti, who has demanded a ban on alcohol in the state, vandalized a liquor store in Bhopal on Sunday.

After throwing rocks at the liquor store located in Barkhera Pathani area, she burst in and started destroying the stock. She was accompanied by several men and women who praised her actions.

After her act, Bharti said she notified the local government to close the store within a week. “Today I have notified the administration to close the liquor store within a week or else further action will be taken.”

The incident came two days after Bharti met Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and demanded to make Madhya Pradesh an alcohol-free state.

Its action against alcohol began when the state government announced a new alcohol policy, which also allows the sale of alcohol at Indore and Bhopal airports, while announcing a 20% reduction in the prices of domestic and foreign alcohols. .

The state government is on the verge of implementing the new excise policy as the state cabinet recently approved it and the bidding process is underway.

This incident also provided an opportunity for the opposition Congress to take on the ruling BJP in the state. Calling Bharti CM-in-waiting, a senior state Congress official said, “It showed that CM-in-waiting (Bharti) wants to get back into the chair of CM. But, she should have thrown rocks at the office where excise policies are made, instead of vandalizing liquor stores.

Drama about this alcohol problem and new alcohol programs likely to continue in the state over the next few days. Congress also planned to corner the Chouhan government on the liquor issue during the current budget session of the Assembly. (IANS)