Ways to redecorate your home in the summer

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New Delhi – The most interesting spaces are those that vibrate with the rhythm of the seasons. Indian summers, in particular, require a major interior makeover to protect it from the elements while creating an atmosphere that complements the character of the season. All you need is a refresh in textiles, new prints on the walls, new notes in materials and a revitalizing summer spirit inspired by restyled mood boards. Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I’m the Center for Applied Arts shares some tips

Invest in the biophilic trend

The summer air carries fragrances and flavors from the outdoors to the interiors of a space, reminding us to go natural this season. The soothing energy that connects the outdoors to the indoors also makes the space feel bigger.

The easiest way to achieve this is to introduce fresh flowers and houseplants into interiors. Include eco-friendly material palettes with raw wood, ceramic or stone in furniture, decor or even backdrops – solid ceramic vases, seamless wooden tables, canvases rough-hewn stone backgrounds, etc., leave a lasting dose of coolness and tranquility in the space without overwhelming it with layers.

Opt for lightness and ventilation

The first desire of the exhausting season is for breathable spaces. Keep your home light and airy by using lighter, preferably semi-sheer fabrics like slub cotton, linen, etc. for your curtains, upholstery and upholstery.

Replace heavy winter throws with neat, trim finishes in neutral-toned upholstered pieces like sofas, armchairs, ottomans and ottomans. Pieces woven from rattan, bamboo, wicker or cane can be used as larger pieces such as recliners, chairs and consoles, or as smaller accents such as baskets, planters or even headboards for add a light touch to the furniture.

Summer is about the sun and its open invitation to the house, which diverts attention from closed walls to openings such as windows. Examine window treatments and incorporate more solar shades, such as bamboo/wood louvers or linen blinds, to filter out incoming heat waves.

For this difficult hour of the day, a blackout curtain becomes a must. If you have a balcony, decorate it with blooming flowers and revitalizing herbs, and set up an island seating area for an evening tea. In the case of open terraces or backyards, opt for garden furniture sets under a greenhouse or a floral pergola to create a retreat atmosphere at home.

Reminiscing about distant vacations

Summer vacation is a term in itself – Indian summers are incomplete without the holiday vibe. Incorporate tropical prints into hand-embroidered throws or leafy wallpapers, or nautical carvings and souvenirs, to create a sense of leisure and travel in interiors.

Picnic tables in the garden, cocktail counters near the kitchen, or bar cabinets in a quiet corner of the living room can all add a more experiential element. It requires a mix of texture and personality, such as indoor teepees and floor cushions for the picnic scene, luxurious bar cabinet and bar stools for cocktail parties, etc. Try an improvised setup with a versatile color palette to reflect your mood day after day.

Hit or hint with the colors

The season, like the unpredictable weather, takes us up and down the extremes. The color themes, too, favor extremes – delicious sherbet colors and subtle earth tones, both of which suit the summery character. If you want your space to be filled with joy and cheer, try palettes that include mustard, lime, coral, aqua or even mango shades. If you want a more soothing and soothing atmosphere, choose olive, taupe, fawn and other colors that soften the tone of the interior.

Avoid chaotic palettes with a mix of both characters and stick to one choice for a more cohesive overall composition of the space.

Tufted Jewel available at Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I’m the Center for Applied ArtsTufted Jewel available at Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of I’m the Center for Applied Arts Tufted Jewel available at Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director from I’m the Center for Applied Arts Inputs by Anand Ojha and Ankit Ojha, Principal Designers, Anand Atelier Associate.

indoor plants

Plants are the most adaptable item to have in your home. Plants not only add aesthetic value to the outdoors, but they also look stylish on your window sills, on your dining table, near any doorways, on your side tables or try something tall and daring.

Houseplants will improve your life both practically and aesthetically. Studies have shown that houseplants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress and boost mood, making them ideal not only for your home but also for your workplace. They are inexpensive and have the ability to add value to even the most mundane rooms.


How can a curtain increase the value of your home? Curtains can be used to define a room and give it character in different ways. Curtains can change the mood of a room in addition to giving it a pleasant look. Curtains, like mirrors, can create an illusion if placed correctly. Indeed, like mirrors, hanging curtains can draw your gaze upwards, making the room seem taller than it is. The implication is that when you have the option, always choose floor-length curtains for living rooms and bedrooms. It will make your room look bigger and more luxurious. Sheer curtains provide natural light while filtering out the sun’s rays. We can choose from a variety of designs and patterns to make our home look elegant and charming.

Earth tones

We’re all being forced to spend more time indoors than ever before, which has accelerated our love affair with soothing greens, blues and earthy tones. Even when we are indoors, we want to feel connected to nature. The color palette is very close to what you would find in nature. Nature has long been a source of inspiration for us.

The use of carved stone bathtubs, natural stones and textures and travertine in the space adds depth, soul and reinforces the connection with the natural beauty of the outdoor spaces.

Biophilic design elements such as plants, courtyard houses, and clear glass add transparency and openness to the space.

Curves in spaces

Curves enhance the aesthetics of a space while making it feel safe, warm and comforting. The curves help develop a better connection with nature, resulting in a naturally soothing space for the eyes. (IANS)